1. PKR-075: Tried And True
    Waste Management

  2. PKR-074: Negative Space
    The A-Team

  3. PKR-13.5: Flexual Healing Vol. 7
    The Flex

  4. PKR-073: Relampago de Furia
    Pure Pressure

  5. PKR-072: Deadlock

  6. PKR-071: The Beast
    Arms Race

  7. PKR-070: The Psycho Ray Sessions 7"
    Fit For Abuse

  8. PKR-069: Instant Execution 7"
    Aggression Pact

  9. PKR-068: Ugly 7"

  10. PKR-067: Too Little Too Late 7"
    Fit For Abuse

  11. PKR-066: Against The Grain 7"
    True Vision

  12. PKR-065: New Wave Of British Hardcore
    Arms Race

  13. PKR-064: Perimeter LP
    Wound Man

  14. PKR-063: The Rage Of The City
    NYC Headhunters

  15. PKR-061: Udüsic 7"

  16. PKR-060: You Walk Alone LP
    No Tolerance

  17. PKR-059: Singles Collection LP
    Think I Care

  18. PKR-058: Aggression Pact 7"
    Aggression Pact

  19. PKR-057: Gotta Get Out 7"
    Arms Race

  20. PKR-055: Step Forward 7"
    Step Forward

  21. PKR-054: Dead End EP 7"
    Violent Reaction

  22. PKR-053: Demo LP
    Running for Cover

  23. PKR-052: Wet Brain LP
    Wet Brain

  24. PKR-050: Caught in the Cycle 7"
    Down But Not Out

  25. PKR-049: Runnin' Scared

  26. PKR-048: A Heated Display
    Out Cold

  27. PKR-047: City Streets
    Violent Reaction

  28. PKR-045: Violent Future
    Violent Future

  29. PKR-044: MFP

  30. PKR-043: Dead Inside

  31. PKR-042: Hoax

  32. PKR-041: Prisoner Abuse
    Prisoner Abuse

  33. PKR-040: Stab Nation Rising

  34. PKR-039: Soaked In Others Blood 7"
    Citizens Arrest

  35. PKR-038: No Faith 12"
    No Faith

  36. PKR-037: NY Terminator

  37. PKR-036: Petal Pushing

  38. PKR-035: Devoured
    Soul Swallower

  39. PKR-034: Brutal Supremacy

  40. PKR-033: Crimes In Blood

  41. PKR-032: Nothing Left To Say
    The Trouble

  42. PKR-030: Power Abuse
    Waste Management

  43. PKR-029: Human Hatred

  44. PKR-028: Isolated
    Knife Fight

  45. PKR-027: 5 Song EP
    Force Fed

  46. PKR-026: Failures

  47. PKR-025: Never Healed
    Never Healed

  48. PKR-024: Isolated Human
    Hatred Surge

  49. PKR-023: The Way Is Narrow
    Iron Age

  50. PKR-022: Years of Lead
    Breathing Fire

  51. PKR-021: Get Your Mind Right
    Waste Management

  52. PKR-020: Walls

  53. PKR-019: Subordinate

  54. PKR-018: Demo
    Breathing Fire

  55. PKR-017: They Are The Enemy!

  56. PKR-016: 10 Song EP
    Step Forward

  57. PKR-013: Glacial Reign
    Mind Eraser

  58. PKR-011: Your Planet Sucks
    The Darvocets

  59. PKR-010: Wound Up
    Wound Up

  60. PKR-008: State Of Confusion EP
    Restless Youth

  61. PKR-006: Cave
    Mind Eraser

  62. PKR-005: The First Room On The Left
    The Prowl

  63. PKR-004: The Miller Sessions
    Close Call

  64. PKR-003: Get Down
    Get Down

  65. PKR-002: Both Demos
    Stop And Think

  66. PKR-001: Clusterfuck


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